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COVID-19 vaccines, doses, and timing
COVID-19 vaccine brands and doses have different age, eligibility, and timing requirements. For more information, see the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility chart.

To find a walk-in clinic, filter results by the brand and dose you need:
  • Primary series (1st, 2nd): The dose(s) required to be “fully vaccinated.” For Pfizer and Moderna, the primary series is two doses, and for Johnson & Johnson it’s a single dose.
  • Booster (1st, 2nd): A dose given months after the primary dose(s) to maintain protection because immunity naturally decreases over time. NOTE: A Booster dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine is recommended by the CDC over Johnson & Johnson. Learn more.
  • Additional: A dose given to people with compromised immunity because the primary series alone does not provide enough immunity.
  • Pediatric: A smaller dose of the COVID-19 vaccine given to children under age 12.


    • You do NOT have to provide government identification, proof of citizenship, or health insurance to receive your free COVID-19 vaccine.
    • When possible, bring documentation with your name on it to ensure the name used on your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card is correct. Learn more.
    • Give yourself enough time to fill out a few patient forms when you arrive.